Agza Green Zones

Inspire others and lead by example. Create a Certified AGZA Green Zone in your city or town, at your school, or in your neighborhood. It’s an excellent way to transition land care away from fossil fuels and demonstrate the benefits of reducing toxic emissions, noise, toxic waste, and greenhouse gases.

A Certified AGZA Green Zone is a defined property or collection of properties on which all routine grounds maintenance is performed with low-noise, zero-emission battery-electric (also including robotic) equipment and hand tools.

Creating an AGZA Green Zone involves a structured 10-step implementation program to ensure that the right equipment battery-electric equipment and methods are employed so that properties are maintained at the same level of aesthetic and with comparable work productivity to gas equipment. The program includes:

  • The first and most comprehensive grounds maintenance certification in the world

  • ELF™ (Environmental Landscape Footprint) a quantification and documentation of health and environmental impacts and benefits

  • Education, training, and certification of management and crews

  • Monitoring, reporting, verification, and certification of properties.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Sponsors benefit from high optics at a low cost, building their reputation as an environmental leader.

  • Workers get the training they need to operate, handle, and store equipment and benefit from healthier working conditions and greater scheduling flexibility.

  • Residents and visitors benefit from a quieter, cleaner, healthier environment and better quality of life.

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