What Is a quietway?

Photo courtesy of Dr. Daniel Fink by Daniel Fink, MD, Chair, The Quiet Coalition “What is a quietway?" I wondered what it was when I saw the Quietway sign on a recent trip to London. I had to search the internet to learn that London is establishing bicycle routes on less trafficked streets to encourage

What makes a city less noisy?

Photo credit: Daniel Durin by Daniel Fink, MD, Chair, The Quiet Coalition What makes a city less noisy? Soundproofist recently discussed this after its founder visited Copenhagen. He notes that it’s really urban design that helps make a city quieter, including efforts to increase bicycle travel, reduce or eliminate vehicular traffic, and improve public transit,

When noise pollution is in your home

Photo credit: Kampus Production by Arline L. Bronzaft, Ph.D., Board of Directors, GrowNYC, Co-founder, The Quiet Coalition, and Honorary Chair, Quiet American Skies This BBC article starts with the complaint of a wife who cannot stand her husband’s snores and how he has tried to cure the problems, but the author, Natalie Lisbona, quickly identifies

The effects of noise on health

Photo credit: See-ming Lee licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 by Daniel Fink, MD, Chair, The Quiet Coalition Most people, most audiologists, and most doctors don’t know that noise has non-auditory health effects, but it does. The scientific evidence is ample and incontrovertible, and well-known in Europe, even if that body of knowledge hasn’t crossed the

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