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Aviation noise and pollution pose threats to human health and well-being, according to decades of scientific studies. Research ties noise from commercial flights, general aviation, military aviation and helicopter traffic to sleep disruption, stress, cardiovascular issues, mental health problems, learning challenges, productivity and quality of life. Leaded fuel used in small planes threatens communities with neurotoxic harm.

Aviation Noise, Pollution and Health: Connecting the Dots features leading scientific and medical researchers, community leaders and legal experts. The 2.5 hour conference focuses on:

  • The latest science on aviation noise, pollution, and its effects on health and well-being;
  • Connecting science to what people experience in their communities;
  • Considering ways in which a public health framework can be used to make our aviation system quieter, cleaner, and healthier for all.

Who Should Attend

  • Concerned Citizens
  • Government Leaders
  • NGOs
  • Health/Environmental Professionals

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