Pro Certification

We are pleased to offer the first-ever series of online courses to certify land care and sustainability professionals in advanced battery-electric and robotic land care.

The purpose of these certification courses, developed by QCI and AGZA, is to grow a professional “green jobs” sector of the economy – one that provides skilled jobs, is better for the health of workers, consumers, and the environment, and increases profitability for businesses.

The first in the series –  AGZA Service Pro Certification Course Level 1: Basic – will be available on October 1, 2020.

  • This 15-lesson online certification course is designed to provide all the education and training land care professionals at all levels need to successfully transition to low noise, zero emissions battery electric equipment. Landscapers will be able to satisfy customers while eliminating costly fuel and maintenance expenses to offset the cost of your new equipment. Sustainability professionals will learn about the harmful impacts of gas-powered maintenance on human, animal, and planetary health and the means to reduce those impacts. This basic course covers everything land care professionals need to know to get started in offering battery electric landscape maintenance.