AGZA Green Zones®

The Certified AGZA Green Zone program is a means for cities, towns, schools, businesses, and even neighborhoods to successfully transition to zero emissions, low noise land care. Today, hundreds of acres of land across the US are certified as Green Zones.​

​This structured program provides education, training, and certification and quantification of impacts and benefits.  ​Learn more

Pro Certification

We are offering the first ever series of online courses to certify land care and sustainability professionals in advanced battery electric and robotic land care.​

​These courses are helping to build a new green jobs economy – one that provides skilled jobs, improves health and environment, and increases profitability. ​​The first in the series —  AGZA Service Pro Certification Course Level 1: Basic will be available on October 1, 2020. ​Learn more

Quiet Tech Centers™

Community colleges and vocational schools have an important role to play in developing a vibrant “green jobs” economy.​

​QCI, in collaboration with its partners, develops online education/training/certification in sustainable land, care to benefit health, environment, and the economy. ​Learn more

Quiet Leadership

Change happens when…

Learn more