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Public Speaking

QCI provides subject matter experts for public meetings, professional conferences and other events to help audiences understand the facts and options for action on matters relating to noise and its impacts on health, learning, productivity, quality of life and environment. ​

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Event Organizing

We help organize events – conferences and special sessions – on noise and related pollution and their impacts. During the COVID-19 pandemic, events will be run remotely. ​

See the special session program we developed on noise and health in association with the 2015 annual  conference of the Acoustical Society of America.​

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We offer a variety of live and online educational options covering topics ranging from public health, environmental, and ecosystem impacts of fossil-fuel-powered land care practices to regulatory issues, new technologies, outcomes, and economics of alternative sustainable solutions.  ​

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Many QCI members are experienced consultants to corporations, government agencies, NGOs, professional associations and trade groups. They help organizations to understand and strategically react to the impacts of legislation, public policy, and private sector initiatives. ​

Services are available on a contract basis and range from 1-hour boardroom briefings to long-term research-oriented assignments . ​

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QCI is called upon to provide expert testimony at hearing on noise and pollution relating to a variety of sources. ​

​Our experts and advisors have participated in panels and discussions with international and domestic agencies, including WHO and CDC.​ Learn more.