We offer a variety of live and online educational options covering topics ranging from public health, environmental, and ecosystem impacts of fossil-fuel-powered land care practices to regulatory issues, new technologies, outcomes, and economics of alternative sustainable solutions.  Topics range from public health, environmental, and ecosystem impacts of fossil-fuel-powered land care practices to regulatory issues, new technologies, outcomes, and economics of alternative sustainable solutions. Audiences include state and local governments, communities, businesses, schools, and other organizations.

Please note: During the pandemic presentations and workshops are being provided through Zoom, with in-person engagements offered when and where permitted, respecting all regulations and guidelines.

  • Presentations (1-4 speakers;* 60-90 min with Q&A) offer an introduction and high-level overview of the impacts of fossil fuel-based land care practices, regulatory issues, technology, and the availability of clean, quiet alternative solutions. Case studies are used to illustrate real-world successes in transitioning to zero emissions, low noise maintenance.

  • Workshops (2-4 speakers;* 90-180 min with Q&A): More extensive workshops are available for education and training in partnership with organizations including AGZA, NOFA’s Organic Landcare program, scientific and legal professionals, and other entities, like certified electric land care professionals. Workshops can be tailored to specific audience interests and needs and qualified to provide continuing education credits for other certification programs. Our workshops come with the option of equipment demonstrations through our partner, AGZA, and when possible can give hands-on opportunities for participants. When possible, incentives, such as discounts on purchasing, are offered to participants. Speakers include scientific, health, legal, and land care professionals.  * Speakers include scientific, health, legal, and land care professionals.

  • Educational Resources: We offer a variety of publications and resources to educate our audiences.  ​

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We organize and assist with independent research to investigate the impacts of outdoor power equipment on health and environment in collaboration with outside experts, academic institutions, and independent agencies.

Our research is published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at scientific conferences. Here are some examples.

Air Pollution

Noise Pollution


QCI is called upon to provide expert testimony at hearing on noise and pollution relating to a variety of sources. Our experts and advisors have participated in panels and discussions with international and domestic agencies, including WHO and CDC. We also present at local government meetings. Examples include:

  • City of Cambridge, MA

  • Town of Brookline, MA

  • Town of Southampton, NY

  • City of Washington, DC

Learn how our testimony helped to catalyze change in Washington DC and other municipalities.


Working in collaboration with our partners, we provide everything needed – technical expertise, manufacturer information, and process knowledge and input – for creating an environmentally friendly land care program.

What needed for a successful procurement program:

  • Technical specifications that ensure that included equipment is truly commercial grade – that can hold up to the rigors and challenges of commercial-scale work have high standards of performance and productivity, and protective warranties.

  • Knowledge of manufacturers and their dealership/distributor networks.

  • Knowledge of the bid and response process to qualify vendors and their equipment.

  • Creation of related contracts and RFPs.

Read about how we created the first state specification in the nation for commercial battery electric land care equipment.