Leaf Blowers, Pollution, and COVID-19

New: Our memorandum, COVID-19 and Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers: A Lethal Combination, v 1.2, discusses three specific problems that gas leaf blowers (GLBs) present during the COVID-19 crisis, and details the scientific evidence on the related health and environmental problems. The memo recommends a moratorium blower during the pandemic, and outlines a longer-term plan to help industry transition

More than Hearing Loss: APHA points to growing health effects of noise

Noise is not just a nuisance, it’s a growing public health hazard and action is long overdue. That’s the message delivered at the November 2019 annual meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA) in Philadelphia, where doctors and other specialists identified evidence that “environmental noise” underlies a myriad of health problems reaching well beyond


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