Aircraft Noise and Emission Impacts: A Primer

This 18-minute video describes the impacts that aviation noise and emissions are having on health and environment, the shortcomings of existing policy, and the need for policy that protects those on the ground as well as those in the air. It is intended for to help inform policy for decisionmakers and to educate members of the public and others. (Uploaded April 17, 2023)

Accelerating the Transition to Lead-Free Skies. (December 15, 2022)

Highlights from “Aviation Noise, Pollution, and Health”: Connecting the Dots (June 16th, 2022)

“Quest for Quiet” Lunchtime Conference Series:
Working Together to Reduce Noise and Pollution in America’s Communities
(March 15, 2022)

Hanscom Field Advisory Commission (March 15, 2022).
Quiet Communities segment starts on 32:23 in video.

The Quiet Transition: Leading by Example in Quiet, Clean Land Care (December 16, 2021)
A project of Jamie Banks of Quiet Communities and Rick Reibstein of Boston University, assisted by Senior Matt Tate of the BU class “Research for Environmental Agencies and Organizations (CAS EE 538)”.

How QCI makes change (October 10, 2019)

Impact of sound environment in healthcare settings (October 31, 2014)
Gunnar Öhlen, Chief Medical Officer at Karolinska University Hospital and Paul Barach, Guest professor at University of Oslo get together to discuss the effects of the sound environment in healthcare.