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Your donations support education and outreach, resource and program development, and other services directed at improving health and environment by reducing harmful noise and related pollution. In addition to donating directly (below), please consider joining AmazonSmile and making Quiet Communities your designated charity. Everytime you purchase, Amazon donates 0.5% to Quiet Communities. It’s easy and it’s no cost to you! Just follow these simple steps.

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We use your donations to conduct research, provide resources to communities, host events, present at conferences, implement sustainable on-the-ground solutions, and to grow healthy "green" jobs for our economy. It all works towards making our communities healthier and more livable for children and families.

Donate $50 today and get your free, bright orange QC key chain, or make it $75 and we'll add a 5" x 5" magnetic sticker for your car or frig -- I Love Quiet!

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