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Quiet Healthcare

Quiet Healthcare is an independent, all-volunteer community of professionals that develops national and international codes and standards for the $2.8 trillion health care industry. (Read about the History). Quiet Healthcare was formed in 2005 by David M. Sykes, William J. Cavanaugh, and Gregory C. Tocci to develop the USA’s first comprehensive, evidence-based criteria for acoustics (sound, vibration, privacy and noise control) in health care facilities. The committee’s first comprehensive draft guidelines on noise, sound and vibration were published for peer-review by FGI in June 2006, and then formally published by FGI in January 2010. FGI’s Guidelines are revised and published every four years to respond to the latest research, and to adapt to federal and state legislative and regulatory changes. Many States adopt the latest edition in their codes. The most recent edition of the FGI Guidelines was published in 2018. The next edition will appear in 2022.

Working Together For a Quieter World


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